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The Paris of the Writers

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Paris Stourer Agathe
  • Paris Stourer Agathe
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  • Shakespeare and Company Libray
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I propose to make you discover the Latin Quarter in Paris, home of many students like me, as well as "the Paris of Writers" that have marked its history. Since visiting Paris, it is also to be able to appreciate its literary culture.

My university, the famous "Sorbonne", helped make Paris a magnet for poets, writers and journalists around the world, from the Middle Ages. Our French Academy was created in 1635 by Richelieu; the French Comedy was created in 1680. It was at this éqoque under Louix XIV, that the Parisian literary salons have become very trendy ...

By the way, if you like hats like mine, I know where you might find a very nice hat, that suits your personality. So I would include this place in our personalized tour according to your tastes.

Many Parisian publishing houses are located around the Sorbonne. The Sainte-Geneviève library, near the Pantheon, is one of my favorite places to study in a majestic setting conducive to concentration. The Pantheon, a masterpiece of the architect SOUFFLOT, is a national monument not to be missed ; where some of our great writers and philosophers were buried : Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Voltaire, Emile Zola and my favorite: Victor Hugo ...

The appointment place that I propose to start our Paris journey in the footsteps of great writers is the bookstore "Shakespeare and Company", which cultivates the "spirit of travel" literally and figuratively, since it hosts Travellers upstairs, which are hosted in exchange for participation in the daily work of the library.

Availability schedule: 
Every noon and night of the week from 18h and all weekend
Expected duration: 
Between 2 and 4 hours, depending on your availability
Tariff explanations: 
The displayed price is the price of the tour per person with a minimum of 2 persons. Eg for 4 people, put 4 in your cart.
24.00€ TVA incl.
Please specify the desired date and any other request
Lieu de rdv: 

Shakespeare and Company

More than a bookstore
Set in the heart of Paris on the Left Bank opposite Notre-Dame, Shakespeare and Company bookstore has grown from a bookstore to an institution.It is situated into the Latin Quarter which for centuries has been the center of Parisian creativity and intelligensia.
Since 1951, the bookstore has stubbornly kept its utopian ideals in a changing world. The shop has continued the legacy of Sylvia beach's Shakespeare & Co, inviting writers and encouraging new writers.

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